Apex Speciality Pigments is a new range of products from Chemox Pound which builds on our success with the Apex colorants. The establishment of the Apex range will facilitate the development of the range of products we are able to offer to our various markets in coatings, inks, plastics and the many other niche areas in which the Apex products have traditionally been used. Many well known, existing Apex products constitute the heart of the new Apex range.

However, in a fast moving technical environment, we are looking at a variety of new materials to compliment these pigments, thereby providing an increasingly varied and versatile offering for applications including security printing, safety markers, novelty products and art materials. Over many years we have built up considerable technical background knowledge of our core industries and are able to offer practical advice as well as guideline formulations in the use of our products.

We recognize that confidentiality is a concern for many of our customers, and guarantee our discretion in all cases.

Apex Invisible Fluorescents

This is a range of white or nearly white pigments which can be incorporated into a varnish at very low levels to achieve a virtually invisible coating, which under excitation from a given light wavelength (Usually long Ultra Violet 365nm) will fluoresce in the visible area of the spectrum.

Apex Invisibles are categorized into 2 types:

  • Inorganic types, suffixed ‘R’ or ‘E’ (ie Invisible Blue R)
  • Organic types, suffixed ‘S’ (ie Invisible Red S)


R & E Types – Inorganic Invisible Fluorescents

R & E types are extremely stable and will far outlive any coating plastic or ink system you care to use them in. They are crystalline however, and therefore can not be ground, so are not suitable for very thin films. They are extremely heat stable and will generally be able to withstand temperature in excess of 1000°C.

S Types – Organic Invisible Fluorescents

S types are brighter, more cost effective and grindable, so are suitable for most applications.

They are less stable however, being much more susceptible to light degradation. Generally, a good UV absorbing over varnish will help to considerably prolong the life of the pigment.

Apex Phosphors

Apex Phosphors are a range of phosphorescent pigments which will absorb daylight and re-emit it over a given period of time (glow in the dark). These products are crystalline, therefore can not be ground, making them unsuitable for very thin film applications. They come in a variety of lengths of afterglow.

Apex Phosphors can be categorised into 2 types:

  • ‘Natural’ H types
  • Coloured S type


H Series Phosphors

H type phosphors are generally a pale yellow/green colour, with a yellow/green afterglow (with a few exceptions).

They have the most efficient afterglow characteristics, and generally last twice as long as their coloured equivalents. H type phosphors are heat stable and will be able to withstand extrusion temperatures of most plastics. They are also suitable for use in a wide variety of paint and ink media.

S Series Phosphors

S type phosphors are modified versions of the H types and are available in a range of bright pastel colours. The different types vary in heat stability and afterglow characteristics.

Generally speaking, none of the S types should be taken above 220°C for any significant length of time. S Series phosphors are suitable for use in a wide range of inks coatings and plastics. They are available in a range of six different shades.

Note: Careful formulation may be required when using some Phosphors in water borne systems.

Apex Thermochromic Pigments – TH Series

Available in a range of temperature reactivity bands and a selection of colours with excellent reactivity speed, TH series pigments are easily dispersed in both water and certain solvent based systems.

They are also temperature stable to 200°C making them suitable for use in most plastics.

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