Chemox Pound is proud to be the UK distributor for the special effect pigments produced by Zheijiang Coloray Technology Development Co, Ltd. Coloray are a high technology company devoted to research, development, manufacture and marking of high quality pearlescent and special effect pigments.

The company’s modern manufacturing plant is located in Deqing Economic & Technological Development Zone of Zheijiang province, close to Hangzhou.

Coloray has many years of experience and product knowledge at its disposal and is dedicated to providing a wide and innovative range of effect pigments showing excellent stability, batch-to-batch consistency backed up by highly experienced and well equipped technical support.

Coloray special effect pigments are available on mica, borosilicate and synthetic mica substrates. These pigments offer endless styling opportunities to add lustre, sparkle, depth, multicolour play and other striking visual effects to a wide range of products.

Coloray range of natural mica based pearlescent pigments:

Coloray effect pigments are suitable for solvent and water based coatings, powder coatings, printing inks, plastics, packaging and leather applications.

Coloray Silver White Series

Coloray Interference Series

Coloray Golden Lustre Series

Coloray Metallic Lustre Series

Coloray Multi-Color Series

Raystar range of glass-flake based diamond effect pigments 

Raystar effect pigments produce dazzling three-dimensional diamond lustre, excellent colour purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. They create a brilliant, star-like glitter, a strong feeling of depth and, when blended, true multicolour effect

Raystar Silver White Series

Raystar Interference Series

Raystar Golden Lustre Series

Raystar Metallic Lustre Series

Raystar Chromatic Colour Series

Raystal range of synthetic mica based crystal effect pigments

Raystal crystal effect pigments use a synthetic mica which imparts higher purity, enhanced weather resistance, improved colour stability at elevated temperature application. Compared to natural mica based pearls, Raystal effect pigments show better whiteness and lustre, better chroma, less black-spot and easy incorporation.

Raystal Silver White Series

Raystal Interference Series

Raystal Golden Lustre Series

Raystal Metallic Lustre Series

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