Chemox Pound have been privileged to be the UK distributor for the JLS range of halogen-free flame retardants for many years.

Hangzhou JLS Flame Retardants Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional corporation for developing and manufacturing halogen-free products.

It has successfully developed a series of products to meet flame resistant requirements. JLS flame retardants consist of JLS-APP (ammonium polyphosphate, phase II) for intumescent coating, JLS-MC (melamine cyanurate) for engineering plastics, non-halogenated JLS-PNP series for polyolefin (PP, PE, TPE, etc.), non-halogenated JLS-PNA for epoxy resin, JLS-PNC for glass fibre reinforced PBT, and UV-resistant flame retardant FRBN for ABS, HIPS, PC, PC/ABS, PBT, etc.

Now, JLS has developed environment friendly HFFR compounds for the cable & wire industry to meet customer’s demands.

Further details can be found at the JLS website.

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