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Chemox Pound have been privileged to be the UK distributor for the Lanco range of surface modifiers for nearly 40 years. From their production site in Bremen, Germany, Lubrizol produce a comprehensive range of Lanco products designed to meet the present and future needs of the paint, coating, ink and plastics markets.

The Lanco products are divided into the following technologies:

Lanco™ Wax

Based on a range of wax polymers, the Lanco micronised waxes are air-jet milled to achieve precise particle size distributions and particle shapes. They can be easily incorporated in the coating, without heating, using a high speed disperser and depending upon the grade chosen and the loading employed, they will enhance surface performance characteristics such as slip, abrasion resistance, feel, matting, anti-blocking and sandability.

Lanco™ Glidd
The Lanco Glidd range of liquid wax dispersions offer many of the same properties as the micronised waxes, however they have been carefully formulated for ease of incorporation across the full spectrum of coating systems.



Lanco™ Matt / Liquimatt

A carefully selected range of mating agents producing cost effective control of gloss levels for water and solvent-based systems.

Lanco Physical Form Solids Solvent Application
Matt 2000 Micronised Powder 100% n/a For w/b & s/b coatings: efficient matting, low haze, good mar resistance . Complies FDA175.300. Dv50 5.5 micron
Matt MC1000 Micronised Powder 100% n/a For w/b & s/b coatings: highly efficient matting with good mar resistance. Dv50 7 micron
Liquimatt 5730 Dispersion 24% Xylene/ B.Acetate Wax/Silica combination dispersion suitable for a wide range of s/bcoatings (esp. wood). Excellent surface protection, feel and matting
Liquimatt 6000 Dispersion 100% n/a 100% active, free-flowing liquid matting agent for waterbasedcoatings giving very smooth feel and strong, uniform matting.
Liquimatt 6375 Dispersion 50% Water Wax/Silica combination dispersion suitable for a wide range of w/b coatings (esp. wood). Excellent surface protection, feel and matting


The Aquaslip wax emulsions are easily incorporated into waterbased coatings to impart increased slip, mar resistance, anti-blocking and water-repellence, without having a significant effect on gloss levels.

Wax Type Wax Content pH
Aquaslip 656 Ox/PE 35% 9.0
Aquaslip 658 Montan Ester 26% 4.5
Aquaslip 671 Ox/PE 30% 4.0
Aquaslip 677 Paraffin 55% 9.0
Aquaslip 952 Carnauba 25% 9.5

Ircogel® / Ircothix® 

Ircogel and Ircothix rheology control additives provide thickening, sag control and improved surface appearance of solvent-based coatings and plastisols.

Lanco™ Additives

Lanco™ Anti Mar

Lanco Antimar liquid additives are used for improving the surface properties of solvent-based coatings. The product provides excellent soft feel in glossy and matte coatings.

Lanco Antimar liquid additives are used in a wide range of coatings, including:

  • Wood
  • Industrial
  • Foil

Lanco™ Flow

Lanco Flow Modifers are a flow and leveling agents that eliminate surface defects such as craters, pinholes and orange peel.


Lubrizol® 2061,2,3

Lubrizol 2061,2 & 3 are adhesion promoters that can be used to improve the adhesion of a wide variety of solventborne and waterborne coatings to metal substrates. Some can also be used as effective metal pre-treatments.

Lubrizol® 2064

Lubrizol 2064 is a calcium sulfonate corrosion inhibitor that can be used in waterborne coatings. It is very effective when used in combination with zinc phosphate to prevent corrosion.


Details of the range can be found at:® / Solplus®

As of January 2008, Chemox Pound are proud to announce an expansion of our long relationship with Lubrizol, with our appointment as distributors of the Solsperse® and Solplus® hyperdispersants.

Solsperse hyperdispersants are widely used in applications where resins are a component of the millbase, for example, inks and paints.

Solplus® hyperdispersants are used in the plastic industry to improve pigment dispersion and to reduce interparticulate attraction in surface coatings.


Lubrizol manufactures water-borne acrylic emulsions, polyurethane dispersion and copolymers that create high-performance coatings for, paints, coatings, packaging, digital, inks, adhesives and sealants. The trade names Carboset®, Sancure, Turboset, Permax, Hycar®, Carbobond™ and Carbotac™ stand for high quality emulsions and dispersions. Lubrizol provide differentiated and unique solutions that produce value-added coatings and products.

Controlled processes lead to precise morphologies, like core shell and sophisticated raw material selection, and provide advanced self-crosslinking or formaldehyde-free technologies.

Further details can be found at the Lubrizol website

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