Chemox Pound are privileged to represent the Nubiola range of inorganic pigments to the surface coatings industry.

Nubiola, is based in Barcelona and was founded in 1914 specialising in the production of inorganic pigments. It began its business development with Ultramarine Blue, a pigment whose application in those days gave clothes a clean, bluish white hue when washed.

Today, Nubiola features a wide range of technical pigments which are ideal for applications in such diverse sectors as plastics, paints, cosmetics, inks, artists’ colours and many more.

Chemox Pound offer the following Nubiola products:

  • Ultramarine Blues & Violets: Azul, Nubix, Nubiperf & Nubicoat
  • Iron Oxides: Nubifer
  • Lead Chromates & Molybdates: Chrome Yellows & Molybdate Oranges
  • Chrome Oxide Green Pigments: NubiChrom
  • Anticorrosive Pigments: Nubirox
  • Zinc Ferrite Pigments: Nubitherm
  • Bismuth Vanidates
  • Basic Chrome Sulfate

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